So last May I started making a change.  I started eating low carb/keto and started working out at 9Round.  It’s been 11 months.

I’ve made GREAT progress.  I’ve lost 35 lbs so far, and I’ve come so far with my fitness.  The workouts are still hard because the intensity is getting harder, but I can do real pushups and I can do burpees for 3 minutes.

But in the last 5 weeks, my weight has stalled.  I’ve given great effort, been motivated and had fantastic willpower, but no change.  And while I did find eating keto VERY easy and fulfilling (and not all-mind-consuming like some other things I’ve done in the past), and while it did make me feel great (mentally, physically), my body has gotten used to it.

I still want to lose 25 more pounds.  I want to see progress for all of this effort.

So I pivoted. I quit keto and started Weight Watchers (with only one little day indulging in between).  I signed up for 3 months and am excited to see where this can take me. The scale is already moving.

Not going to lie. It’s weird going to a new way of eating after 11 months. Keto became second nature.  It’s low carb, but also high fat.  Where Weight Watchers is more protein and low fat focused, and carbs like fruit and whole grains are free or lower points.  It’s strange to pack fruit in my lunchbox at work. I hadn’t really eaten much fruit in 11 months!  And it’s weird to me that butter is off limits basically now, since it was a BIG part of keto. But I’m flexible and adaptable and learning quickly.

I’m going to be keeping up with my progress on Instagram – so follow along if you’re interested.  My weigh in days will be Mondays, and I plan on posting weekly there with updates, since a lot of my followers expressed interest in this WW journey.

Here’s to moving forward and being flexible enough to change.

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