Playing Catch Up…

*I updated the header on my blog! Newer photos (featuring a more slender Brittney! woohoo!)*
I feel like we have so much going on for the next month or so.  Every weekend has plans. Good stuff…but busy stuff.  Weddings, girls nights, homecoming, travel for work…and top of that, I am teaching a Zumba Toning class on Sundays.  That addition on Sundays makes the weekend feel a bit more packed…but I keep telling myself it is only temporary. Sunday naps will resume soon.
These full weekends mean I feel like I get behind on some stuff.  I usually do housework on weekends…but last night I played catch up.  I came straight home from work (Monday is the only work day I don’t have Zumba! and I usually head to the gym to do water aerobics after work)…and while Tyler worked outside, I got stuff done inside.  It isn’t 100% finished.  I still need to clean the bathrooms. But, I ordered a hand-held steamer that should be here tomorrow…so I was wanting to wait for that.  I did get dusting, organizing, dishes, laundry, and more completed. It feels good to be caught up.  Now, to just keep it clean. 🙂
Weight loss efforts are going well.  I joined a group online of ladies who are trying to lose 20 pounds by Thanksgiving.  I know I’ve said it before, but sometimes I feel like goal setting with weight loss never works out.  Your body just isn’t as linear and cooperative as you want it to be.  However, there is nothing like a little friendly competition and some motivation…so I joined in.  I’m doing great with the eating and working out.  Tomorrow is the first of 10 weigh ins with this group…so we’ll see how I’m doing. Just keep track of that weight ticker on the side.  Losing 20 pounds by Thanksgiving would put me at my goal weight.  I have a feeling that goal might change once I get there…but that’s the first goal.
I am still reading through the Bible.  I made it to Joshua. While there were days I had to trod through some of the Old Testament books, I am enjoying it.  I feel like I’m really learning lots about God, Biblical history, and myself.God has been faithful to give me nuggets of joy as I read.  Like the preacher mentioning some obscure thing I learned about.  Affirming that the obedience of reading everyday is worth just as much as the days when I’m learning.
And the highlight of my life is waiting on this to come in..
Yes!  That is sugar free Pumpkin Pie coffee syrup.  A little bird told me that this is the sugar free version of what they use at Starbucks!  I already use lots of flavored coffee in my Keurig…and I do add some syrups a few times a week…and I am SO excited about making homemade pumpkin spice lattes! 🙂
Tomorrow is my Tyler’s birthday!  Woohoo! Hope you have a great Tuesday!


  1. Ahhh fall isn’t it fantastic?!
    Btw I nominated you a Liebster blog! Please see my last post for more details!

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