Plumbing Disaster

Plumbing Disaster


Easter was a dreary day.  It was cold, rainy, and everyone wanted to stay inside.  Because of that, during my down time, I got quite a bit of cleaning done.

Somehow, this resulted in a perfect storm of a full septic tank and too much water with no where to go.


I had gotten up early to clean our bathroom, for starters. So Tyler had showered. I filled the big tub, I showered.  I did some laundry.  I ran the dish washer.  It rained.  I got home and filled the tub again to rinse it.  While it was draining, I started vacuuming to get ready for everyone coming over for dinner…and when I got into our bathroom there was water on the floor.


Oh no.

Water (thankfully, clean water…the water draining from the tub) had no where to drain so it was coming back up.  Coming back up everywhere.  Up into the shower.  Up into the other tub.  Up into the bottom of the toilets.  Everywhere.

I threw down towels and tried not to panic.

It was our first experience with this, so we didn’t act immediately.  It took a minute to plug the tub….and then I called my mom and asked her to bring more towels.  When she got to our house for dinner, she helped remove some of the water (it had to go somewhere, might as well get thrown outside). We put some of the sopping wet towels in the dryer and put the rest on the porch to drip dry.


You think you have plenty of towels until you need every towel in the house to sop up water.

I was thankful it was clean water.  I was thankful we were home and caught it early and there was no damage.  But for now, we are taking it easy on the water usage and letting our septic tank drain out.

And I’m gonna be washing towels for a while.



  1. Ahhhh!! What a nightmare!! We’ve only had one septic tank issue so far, and it was definitely not the clean-water variety…eeeekkk!! Anyway, hope you dry out eventually! 🙂

  2. Oh noes! Glad you were home and able to catch it before there was any damage. Not fun though.

  3. Little blessings that it was clean water.. but eek!

  4. Oh wow, sounds like this was a pretty bad plumbing problem! I am really glad that everything worked out, though- things could have been a lot worse! I would probably have a plumber take a look at your septic tank and pipes- this could be a precursor to more damage later.

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