Police Department Awards

Police Department Awards

Tyler got invited to the annual awards ceremony for his police department. I was incredibly proud of him – being invited meant he was nominated for some sort of recognition (we didn’t know what until we got there!).

We got to get a little dressed up for a Friday night. He pulled out his dress uniform, and I got spiffed up after work.

They gave out awards for officer and rookie of the year, dispatcher of the year, civilian of the year (which was an amazing story of every heroes), and also special awards from the chief. Tyler got a special award for the chief for exemplary service during a burglary. He and a few other officers went above and beyond and ended up helping to solve several cases of stolen goods. I was proud.  He got a certificate and letter.

And afterwards, we had a great dinner out at one of our favorite spots. A winning night, for sure!

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