Potty Training Update

Potty Training Update

I feel I can officially say she’s potty trained!  In a month. It’s been amazing.

We worked through all the “blocks” or stages in Oh Crap! Potty Training- we introduced underwear and she basically night and nap trained herself (started waking up dry without any work).

She has had the occasional accident (the last one was with a babysitter at home- I think she just got busy playing and forgot to go).


She mostly just tells us when she has to go (or at home, she will say “bye bye” and go in the bathroom herself) or we will prompt her before a car ride or bedtime or something.

She is capable of doing everything but the wiping herself (she will even dump her own little potty into the big potty!) and she can’t totally reach the sink alone to wash her hands- but if we had a taller step stool, she follows the steps without any help).


I’m so pleased with our decision to follow her lead and jump into potty training, and the Oh Crap! Potty Training method has worked out well for us.  10/10 would recommend.


Our next transition will be from crib to toddler bed, but she does SO WELL in her crib that I’m hesitant to mess with our sleep.  She doesn’t try to climb out AT ALL and is comfortable in there, so who knows when that will come. For now, I’m basking in not buying diapers or emptying a Diaper Genie! Woop Woop!


  1. Hip hip hooray for Remi! Great job, mama and baby (who’s not such a baby anymore!)!

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