Praying for Our Friend Grace

Praying for Our Friend Grace

Our sweet friend Grace is fighting leukemia. Her momma is a good friend, and the girls love each other. We’ve been praying faithfully for them since she was diagnosed in February.

We’ve tried helping in any way- taking food over, coordinating prayer chains, watching baby sister….but we were finally able to coordinate a prayer evening at their house.

I loved the turnout. Friends, family, church members who had never met them, prayer warriors who had gotten connected to them, neighbors- everyone coming together to cover Grace in prayer.

We also loved letting the kids play a bit before (and during, if I’m honest) and after the prayer. It did us all well to see Grace’s spirit.

She’s undergoing treatment to get to zero cancer cells so she can get a bone marrow transplant. Join us in prayer for her! They are starting her on a new drug and we are hoping it knocks cancer out!

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