Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation

Our girl has graduated preschool! We have loved her time at her preschool, and to be honest, I’m sad to see it come to a close! It’s been such a blessing dropping her off with people who loved her (and knew her so well!) and with kids we’ve come to know and love. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way about school, but it’s been a special 5 years.

She looked SO big in her cap and gown!

Her Nene sent her a dancing singing graduation puppy, and it was quite a hit with her friends before the ceremony!

Sweet little friends! Makenzie, Piper, Beau, Remi (see that hip pop?!) and Millie

Tristan and Remi have been together since they were babies!

This is a screen grab from our video, but we were so proud of Remi for doing the welcome for the evening. The kids also sang some songs and showed off what they’ve learned (days of the week, months, continents, some presidents, state capitals and more!)

They had some sweet refreshments for us afterwards as well!

We loved everyone there who was supporting our girl. We were so very proud of her!

Of course the grandmas were there!

My bestie Brandy has loved Remi since she was in my tummy- and it was special to have her there.

Our sweet neighbor Michael came to support as well! He’s always so kind to Remi and the best neighbor!

Tyler’s aunt Tracey came to watch….

Along with her daughter Morgan. Remi was excited to have a cousin there.

We didn’t get a picture with most of her teachers, but we had to take a picture with this sweet lady. She’s been around the daycare since Tyler was a boy- and Remi has loved her! Miss Velma helps with lunch and naptime, and she’s a gem!

It was a fantastic night celebrating our growing kiddos!

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