Prizes for Good Behavior

Prizes for Good Behavior

We’ve tried to work on positive reinforcements, rather than focus on consequences for less than desirable behavior. While she does get her share of consequences, we have tried to work on good things for good choices. One was that she got to earn a trip to the bounce house place for sleeping ALL night long and waiting to wake up until her ok to wake clock for THREE nights.

She was very motivated by this, so we are continuing it again.  This time, she’s working for 5 nights in a row (which I think she’ll meet pretty quickly).

She very much enjoyed her trip to bounce and jump.


She played, jumped “SO HIGH”, climbed the big slide and had fun with some of the other kids there.  One of the best moments was her struggling with a particular slide that has a difficult foot-hold.  When she got to the top, she yelled “I did it!”


We will get to a point when sleeping well doesn’t deserve a reward, but right now, during this big transition (and after our upcoming vacation disruption) when it’s worth it to entice her to make her behavior follow our expectations with a reward.

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