Things that Have Helped Us Care for My Dad with Alzheimer’s

Things that Have Helped Us Care for My Dad with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s has seemed to sneak up on us.  Dad has been diagnosed for a while, but he’s been declining lately…so we’ve had to get creative with some outside products to help in his care-taking.

To complicate matters even worse, dad doesn’t see well….so we are also dealing with that too.

One problem was dad seeing to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush.  Or maybe another person with Alzheimer’s may not remember. We ordered this toothpaste dispensing brush.  It wasn’t ideal for dad because it was so new to him…but you could probably turn and dispense the toothpaste, and just let them brush.

Another issue we have is the worry that dad will wander.  He isn’t doing it yet…but we know it’s likely to come.  He won’t wear a medical bracelet, but he needs ID and info on him.  So, we ordered Road ID to place on his shoes.  It’s much more inconspicuous, and he won’t mind the info there.


Another issue is dad forgetting simple things, like the plans for the day.  So we ordered a Kind Reminder.  It’s easy to use (only one button), and mom can record simple messages to help dad remember. He can wear it like a necklace, and he just has to push the big button to play the message.


Another issue was he was unable to see the clock and kept asking for the time.  Mom ordered a talking watch, which has been a LIFESAVER to him asking 1,000 times a day “What time is it?”  It also helps solve arguments surrounding the time of day.  He can’t argue with his talking watch, where he might have argued with mom.

I’m just sharing these in case you have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s.  These products have really helped us.


  1. I am glad you brought up this discussion and mentioned these tips, Brittney. My mother and I have come across our own challenges in helping my dad with his recent diagnosis and treatments for his cancer. We never thought things would change in his health or it would affect all of our lives so quickly, but it has. And I know there are other families out there who struggle with loved ones going through medical problems. Thank you and I am sending well wishes to you and your dad and your family!

    • Thanks, Kaylin. It’s tough to navigate any health issue because there is no instruction booklet (which I’m blogging about today). It really does become consuming. Thinking of you and your family as well.

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