Progresso Beach Day

Progresso Beach Day

We got up for our second port day and headed to the Lido deck for breakfast. We were greeted to a fun surprise- TONS of towel animals!  Every chair in the center area had one. Remi LOVED seeing them all (and to be honest, we did too!)


There were also some HUGE ones including this fun Octopus…


And a ginormous alligator!


We ate breakfast and got off the boat as soon as we could.  We got suckered  to take our picture with these two men. Remi loves the fun costumes, so I guess it’s all good.

The port of Progresso is interesting.  It’s REALLLY long- like a 5 minute drive- to get from the port area to town.  So when you get off the boat and wait for your excursion, you don’t have much places to go.  You have a few shops and some benches.  We did a little shopping and Remi played.

We called her over to take a picture with this sign…and then she said

R FOR REMI!  She had to stand by her R!


Once it was time for our excursion, we took a quick bus ride to town to a beachside restaurant right by the pier.  It was SO NICE outside.  They said that this tour can accommodate 150 people, but we only had 40 that day- so it wasn’t busy and was perfect.  We all grabbed beach chairs and the waiters started bringing us chips, pico de gallo and drinks.

And Remi jumped RIGHT into the sand!


Tyler and the moms walked down the beach and I stayed with Remi.  The only downside to this beach were all the people walking and hawking their wares. However, we bought a few things, including this DELICIOUS mango with chili sauce.  The best mango I’ve ever eaten!


Remi LOVED the chips and pico. And her virgin pina colada!

This excursion was labeled a “Beach Party” day- and I was worried everyone was going to be there getting drunk since it came with an open bar.  Quite the opposite.  It was calm and fun.  They hosted games under a tent- and we got in on the action. Tyler played Jenga and I did some trivia.


And we did belly up to the bar for a bit (even thought they would bring you drinks to the chairs) because the bar stools were swings!

Since we were at a restaurant, we got some food to try.  The empanadas were WONDERFUL but the enchiladas were different. They were local Yucatan Mayan recipe (said our host) and were like chopped hardboiled eggs inside?  I don’t love eggs, so I didn’t love them.


We also bought some local sweets from a man carrying them on his head!


He initially hooked me with churros, but they weren’t like ours here, and I didn’t love them.  We got a tamarind candy- sweet and sour! But my fave were these coconut pralines full of yummy fresh coconut.

We loved playing all day together!

Remi got a big blue sucker from the pastry man and she enjoyed it. It wasn’t hard candy like we have, but a little softer.


We got back on board (with a sleepy little girl!) to a fun towel animal.


That evening was formal night, so after nap, we all got dressed up.

We LOVED how sweet Remi was being and enjoyed taking pictures together.


On our way to dinner, Tyler remembered that it was half price in the arcade, so we stopped to play a few more games.

She was being so funny at dinner. LOVING life!


After a delicious dinner, the waiters danced again. And our waiter, Igor, came and took her to dance.

She thought she was a cool kid and LOVED this.


We attempted the magic show after dinner, but a combination of it being WAY past her bedtime (it didn’t start until 9! and she’s usually out by 8!) and there being loud fireworks pops at each ta-da…and she was asking for bedtime by 9:20.


That’s ok, sister. We were tired too!

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