So my first semester at grad school, I was in a Gender communication class. For our final paper/project three of us worked on a paper for another professor. I didn’t really fully understand it at the time, but the professor kept calling the paper a “chapter.” Whatever. So I did my research and wrote my part. Got an A in the class. Good to go.
Fast forward….the “chapter” we worked on was edited, added to, and turned into a chapter for a book! The book is a really in-depth communication book (so really, none of you are going to be racing to the bookstore to buy it)…but here it is. My name in print as an author! I’m published! (Unfortunately, the manuscript was submitted before I got married, so its in my maiden name, Selvidge. Oh well. Its still me.)
It is super exciting to see something I worked on in print. And hold the book. I feel proud of this. Grad school is pretty cool!
The front of the book… (Computer-Mediated Communication in Personal Relationships)
Table of contents…we are Chapter 16.
And our chapter!

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