Quarantine Cooking

Quarantine Cooking

I’m totally gaining quarantine weight.  I like to cook.  Having unlimited time and a stress-eating mechanism, I’m cooking. A lot.

And it’s gooooood.

I’m attempting to watch my intake and work out, but it’s hard when I have the time to cook and bake.

For memory’s sake, here are some things I’ve put together.

One evening, Tyler and I got to have dinner outside together just us. I made us shrimp and grits, which was funny because he was talking about how he thought grits could be used on our ant piles. And I had planned on cooking some for us.  We didn’t try them on the ants, but they were delish!


Weekend breakfasts can take extra time now. Enter these yummy homemade biscuits. So good.


For Passover, I made completely homemade matzo ball soup, even making homemade matzo meal.  OMG. The broth smelled AMAZING while it was cooking.


Remi and I made these not pretty, but pretty tasty (and she thought they looked awesome) tye-dyed cupcakes with blue rainbow buttercream (her ideas).  They were good!


She’s such an awesome kitchen helper.  It also helps that she’s interested when I cook and bake, so we enjoy doing it together. Here, she’s using her flashlight to help me see inside my mixer. ha!


What have you cooked while cooped up?

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