Queens and Snowpocalypse 2011

This weekend was great. Friday evening, Tyler and I just came home, cooked dinner together and enjoyed a fun evening at home.
Saturday, I went with my best friend Alden to cheer on her sister, Reed, at her high school pageant. Alden’s hometown is only 20 minutes from where Tyler’s mom lives (and where we are buying the land), so it was so fun to get to go! Alden (if you remember) is not only my best friend, but my Tri Chi little sis. Well, two other of our little sisses are from the same small town as Alden (we like to keep it local! haha) and one of them was at the pageant too! I was never at OBU with Haley, but she is super sweet and I’m glad we got to hang out last night.
And the highlight of the night is when Reed sang “Popular” from Wicked. She did AMAZING. So amazing, that she won the pageant! This is her and her escort.
Well, today, we went to church and then it started to snow in Greenwood. Well, I needed to come back to Fayetteville for some stuff tomorrow, so I left town and Tyler stayed there. Turns out, they are getting MUCH more snow there than we are here. Tyler is basically snowed in at his moms. They have several inches and they live out of the small town in a rural area that will never get salted or plowed. I just hope maybe he can make the hour drive up the mountain home to me tomorrow once the sun comes out. More snow is expected in the coming days and I’d rather not be home alone. I would rather have my husband home with me. 🙂 Here is the current road map….makes me nervous for his return tomorrow. Praying for melting snow tomorrow!

Let it snow…but not until after my husband makes it safely home to me!

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