Quick Back to School Branson Trip

Quick Back to School Branson Trip

Tyler won us a quick overnight stay in Branson in a silent auction, so we decided to take it after the first week of school. After school on Friday, we jetted off to Branson.

We stopped for dinner on the way and got to Branson at dark. We started next to our hotel at the Branson Ferris Wheel. Remi was a little hesitant but once she got in, she LOVED it. We went around twice, and enjoyed the lights and views.

We followed that ride with a little go kart run. Remi wanted to do the ones she could drive. Not super exciting, but she was glad to drive herself.

Then we took her on a bumper boat ride. I LOVED the bumper boats as a kid and we just LAUGHED and loved it! We were soaked so we got ice cream outside at Andy’s so we could drip dry before we left.

We did a late night swim when we got to the hotel. It was late, but Remi napped on the way, and I figured we had to make the best of our trip! Thankfully the pool was open until midnight so we got to enjoy it late!

We slept in and went down for breakfast in our matching PJs.

We got ready and headed to the other part of our auction win- tickets to the Amazing Pets show. We LOVED it. The pets were fun, but Remi LOVED that she kept getting to go on stage with all the kids. Apple Jack, the comedy host, was so fun. She wanted a pic with him after!

We crammed a lot into our day! We followed the show with some indoor putt putt. Remi and I both got holes in one! She was so excited!

We grabbed quick pizza for lunch, and she thought the giant banjo was very fun.

After lunch, we headed to the aquarium. They have a really neat octopus at the entrance!

The visit starts with a 3D ride. Remi wasn’t so sure, but she loved it afterwards! It was an exciting way to start our trip.

The aquarium was a little smaller, but it meant we could easily get through it in a couple of hours. The exhibits were really well done.

We all loved the mirrored jelly fish room! So fun!

I was SO proud of Remi. They had this climbing structure, and at first, she went like halfway up and said she was scared. She kept coming down and talking to us, and I was just telling her she could do it. Finally, she said, I’m doing it! And she went in with determination and went all the way to the top!

After the aquarium, we hit the outlet mall for a little shopping and then drove home. It was a whirlwind 24 hours, but we had a GREAT time!

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