Quick Road Trip

We took a quick trip to Dallas and back. Tyler’s auction was Friday, and I didn’t have school, so I went with! It was a fun, fast road trip. We talked and laughed and sang to the radio the whole way to Dallas. We had a nice relaxing evening at the hotel, and then got up SUPER early to go the auction.
This place amazes me everytime I’m there. It is a HUGE warehouse just stacked wall to wall with motorcycles, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, golf carts, and UTVs. Basically, if it rolls (or once rolled) and isn’t a car….its here. They also have a few jet skis and boats and trailers outside too.

It is astonishing to see the auction. They have 3 different auctions simultaneously going on in different areas of the room (one for Harley, one for metric bikes (non-Harleys) and one for off -road stuff (dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, golf carts). They sell about 70 items per hour…and from 8-2ish…the auction goes on. They sell everything in that warehouse in about 6 hours. I love to listen to the auctioneers…its so fast and fun!

Tyler had a problem actually buying items because they do a lot of Internet selling, and those people bidding online were bidding things a bit too expensive for him. But he did have great luck SELLING a bike there. He brought an item down that just hasn’t moved at his shop, and it sold for more than he wanted/needed.

And he did find a great dirt bike to buy while we were in town, so he bought and sold….and made it a good trip for his business. And a good trip for us. But we were excited to get home to Mikey. We can keep him! 🙂 Mikey was soooo excited to see us yesterday…he just ran circles around our legs for a long time. It made us so happy to see him too!

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