Rainy Day in Dallas

Rainy Day in Dallas

Our second Dallas day was a rainy one.  Not just rainy, like DOWNPOUR. So we needed something indoors to do.

We had a slow morning, eating our leftover breakfasts and getting ready.  Then we headed to Grapevine for some shopping.

Our first stop was Bass Pro.  Truth be told, I thought it was connected to the big mall, but it wasn’t.  That’s ok!  Tyler and Nancy shopped while we took in the free aquarium and animals. Remi LOVED the water wheel!


Then we headed to Grapevine Mills mall.  We did a little shopping, then we let Remi ride the little train. She was VERY excited to say the least!


While we waited for our table at Rainforest Cafe, we walked to the chocolate shop (because, why not?!) And she got a big chocolate covered marshmallow.


We did lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. She may not look like it here (she was ready for a nap, so picture cooperation wasn’t happening) but she enjoyed it.  The food is overpriced and not that great, and I’m not sure she loved it enough to go back….but it was fun.

She was a tiny bit scared during the first “storm” when all the animals came alive.  We sat in the middle of the restaurant under the gorillas, so there was stuff ALL around us.  But after the first one, she got excited when the rain storm would happen.


She PASSED OUT for a nap. I’m never mad about a good naptime.


For dinner, we went to the Gas Monkey Grill, which was a very surprising win. The food and service were fantastic. And it may be from a TV show, but it wasn’t kitchy or too overdone. It was just good food and a neat place.

And the big monkey cups were a hit!


They have a music venue and a concert was happening, so Remi definitely wanted to go watch the show after our meal. She loves live music. So intently watching!


That night at bedtime she read us all Brown Bear. She has it almost memorized. It was precious.


We all slept well that night! A fun, long day together.

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