Random Tuesday

Random things this Tuesday…

Monday was my last day of the 30 Day Shred Level 2. I am scared for level three.  See my excited/scared 4:30 a.m. face?

Sunday we had a snake in our driveway.  This guy was 2 feet from our garage.  I saw it before Tyler and managed to stay calm.  He got his head chopped off one minute after this was taken.

I worked on some goals last night.  Got the kitchen cleaned and finished quilt topper #1.  It is a Christmas gift for a loved one (who might read this…so I won’t identify them!).  I’m working on topper #2…then I’ll start the quilting!  This quilt is getting a tan/brown back and brown binding.

I went for a little run last night.  Last week, I was able to run 5-6 minutes at a time.  Last night, 8 minutes.  I got about .6 or .7 miles in 8 minutes.  I’m not fast.  But I’m trying to train for a 5k at work in October.  I’m hoping to be able to run at least 1/2 of it!  On my way!

I’m attempting to eat really healthy this week.  LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies. Although today is Becky (a coworker and friend’s) birthday and we are overrun with treats.  I am having one tiny serving of homemade ice cream (that I brought).  I WILL stick to the plan! 🙂  Trying so hard to meet my NYC weight loss goal.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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  1. Agh, I can’t handle snakes at all. I am impressed that you were able to stay calm. Do you guys know what kind it was? (doesn’t really matter to me though, all snakes are bad in my head!) I am also impressed with your dedication to your workouts, you go girl! Maybe I will get some energy in the 2ns trimester and be able to do something again!

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