Razorback Gymnastics: Capes and Crown

Razorback Gymnastics: Capes and Crown

We hadn’t really planned on hitting a Gymbacks meet this year- I don’t know why. We loved it last year and Remi still does gymnastics.

But when Alden said they were coming to a meet….we immediately said yes!

We headed up after work and got to campus. I love parking by the football stadium because Remi loves this fountain! She was so excited!

(It was also capes and crowns night, so she got to wear her princess dress!)


We got settled into our seats, found a pom pom and prepared to cheer on the hogs!


Sue E. came to our section, and the girls were excited to meet her!


And I was just excited to hug my bestie’s neck and be in the same place as her. Watching our girls play is such a sweet thing.


Remi basically got passed back and forth between us to keep her into it.  It’s fun to watch, but there’s a LOT going on, so it can be overwhelming.


Look at these two!  I melt.


We haven’t done a ton of calling the hogs because they were not great at football this year. But Remi remembered how to do it and dove in at the meet!


The gymbacks put on a great meet! They only lost to Kentucky by .1.


At the end of the night, they let the kids on the mat to dance. And dance they did!  Remi and Avery had a blast jumping around.


On our way to the car, Tyler took our pic by the fountain. Love this girl! Thankful to share this campus with her!


Afterwards, we went to their vacation house and let them play while we visited. So fun to see them together!


And BIG hugs before saying “See you next time!”


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