Reading Through the Bible- Complete

So last year, during the weekend of Miss Arkansas (July 14), I was laying in bed trying to be quiet while waiting for my bestie Alden to wake up.
I was browsing on my phone at the YouVersion app.  I was currently doing a #SheReadsTruth study, so I did my daily reading and then decided to browse the Bible Study plans.
I found a one-year chronological Bible study, and decided to read Day 1.  Then the next day I read Day 2.  Then I kept reading.
Some days I read 2-3 days worth of study.  Some days I didn’t have time to read.  I read while on vacation sometimes, and other times I just caught up when I got home.
Most days, I read 15-30 minutes (usually 3-6 chapters at a time).  I read verses that I knew by heart, as well as stories I had never heard of.  It took me just over one year to finish.  I started July 14, 2012 and finished July 22, 2013.
There were days I couldn’t wait to read because I loved what I was reading.  There were days I trudged through because I was reading old Testament laws, or genealogies. But I kept reading.
I kept reading because I felt like I was learning obedience. I kept reading because some days, God would touch my heart and give me the PERFECT verses that I needed.  I kept reading because some days, it was the ideal verse to send to a friend who was going through something.  I kept reading at some point simply because it seemed silly to stop.  I kept reading because I was enthralled with this story that God wrote for me.
I did learn lots of interesting little things, learned a TON about my Jewish heritage and their place in God’s story, but most of all, I got this takeaway from reading the entire Bible:
God’s story is personal and pursuing.
God wants to know us each intimately and personally, and He does an awful lot to pursue us.  If you have noticed good things coming from bad things, people saying just what you needed to hear, protection in scary times….those things aren’t coincidence.  They are God.  Those things are God chasing after you.  I saw it through the entire Bible up until the last verses in Revelation.
Revelation 22:17 “Come! Let the ones who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes to take the free gift of the water of life.”
Jesus wants to quench your thirst- your thirst for more, your thirst for purpose, happiness, and He wants to fill that emptiness inside you.  You don’t have to read a single word in the Bible to feel Him work in your life. But He does require that you come to Him….He’ll pursue you, but you have to come to Him. I hope you know Him (and if you don’t, I’d love to tell you more!)
I don’t plan on putting my Bible away forever or anything like that.  I’m starting a new, more focused study right away. And I can’t wait to see what God will teach me through another trip through His word.


  1. How awesome! I have been wanting to start a steady reading plan to keep me on track and focused, and this one seems really good. That’s so neat that you can now say you have read the entire Bible!


  2. I was just scrolling through the Bible study plans yesterday! I SO desperately need the discipline myself–thanks for the motivation!

  3. Way to go!

  4. Great job! And great post!

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