Reading Through the Bible: Jesus’s Part in the Story

I’m not sure that my title for this post is accurate.  I mean, the entire Old Testament basically is pointing to Jesus, and then when He arrives, you get to see a glimpse into his life in the gospels.

I have never read straight through the gospels, but I was so surprised at how little of Jesus’ life we actually get.  The amazing part is how little time there is to the crucifixion and resurrection.  Literally in just a chapter or two, we learn how Jesus died for the redemption and salvation of all humankind, and then He is raised from the dead and ascends into Heaven.

Now, I have known these stories for a long time, and I have read them in bits and pieces before, but to see them all laid out, I wanted more.  I wanted more details.  More explanations.  More reactions. More miracles.

But then I realized, that is faith.  Not fully being able to wrap your mind around it, but believing it.

A couple days ago, I read about “doubting Thomas” who wouldn’t believe Jesus was raised from the dead until he felt the wounds. I don’t want to be like that.

I do believe this story.  I do believe that Jesus, God’s son, came to earth, lived a sinless life, and died for the salvation of humanity by being the sacrifice for our sins – our way into a perfect Heaven that we don’t deserve.

However, there are so many things I struggle with.  I struggle sometimes thinking that God hears my little tiny prayers.  That God cares about my everyday.  But you know what?  If God could give doubting Thomas exactly what he needed to believe, He will give me reassurance too.

As I move further into the New Testament and into the apostles, I’m excited to see my faith strengthened as God gives me just what I need.

He will give you what you need to, you just have to ask.

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