Reading Through the Bible: Stubbornness, Faith, and Who I want to Be

So I’m still trucking through the Bible. I am about 30% through the Bible now.  I’m in 1 Samuel. I have read straight through, skipped to Job, and read a few Psalms here and there when they have applied to the story.

I am learning so much.

First of all, I am learning obedience (which isn’t an easy thing for me!).  I don’t like to do things when I “have” to do them.  While I am choosing to read through the Bible, I know I am doing it because God asks me to be in His word. I do my reading in the mornings, which means getting up early enough to work out and read. Some mornings I would rather sleep in.  If I feel this way, I may sleep through my workout, but I try to not sleep through my reading time.  I’m trying to be obedient to reading and learning more about God everyday.

And I’m learning so much about who God is.  I know is He is loving, caring, creator, powerful, and all those things, but I’m learning little details about Him that I love. I am learning how detailed God is. I’m learning how He gets angry, jealous, and how He does anything to work through his plans (a scary and comforting thing). I love getting to know my Savior so intimately.

Some beautiful verses I loved in Deuteronomy.

The scary thing to me is while I’m reading, I keep seeing people who were witness to God’s power, mercy, and love…but they are stubborn and either 1) forget or 2) purposefully turn away. I keep praying that I NEVER forget what God has done for me. 

I am learning about faith. People who had great faith. People with little faith. How faith in God plays out. How wonderful it is to have faith in God and His plan, and how great things turn out (in the end) when we obey his plan (there is that pesky obedience again!).

And lastly, I’m learning so much about the woman I want to be. I’m seeing characteristics, actions, and attitudes in those I am reading about, and I want to be more like that.

I want to be loyal and loving like Ruth. I want to never be afraid to speak up like some of the prophets. I want to be strong and brave like David. I want to be a great friend like Jesse. I want to be sold out living for the Lord. As I read, I pray for God to help me change my heart, my mind, my attitude, and my outlook to be more like Him (because ultimately those great characteristics I’m reading about came from God).

I feel like I’m being a better person, friend, wife, coworker, etc. because of the ways God is teaching me.

It wasn’t easy for me to get into the routine of reading, let alone make myself actually learn and apply what I’m reading. I am so not perfect. There are mornings I feel like I don’t remember what I read. There are mornings I don’t want to read. There are mornings when I hate the passage (because I think it is boring, or I don’t “get” it). But through all of that, God is faithful. He is working on me.

Promise from Joshua.

I’m just using the app YouVersion and one of their Bible reading plans.  It isn’t rocket science. But it is changing my heart. And for that, I’m so thankful. God is so good to us.

If you don’t feel like you know God, know this: He is real. He has a plan for all of this. He is coming back (soon). He is perfect, and we are so not. We deserve punishment for our bad behavior, but He has extended grace to us.  We only have to accept it and follow Him.

Want to know more? Let me know!  I’m happy to talk with you! 🙂

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