Recaps and Resolutions for 2015

Recaps and Resolutions for 2015

Each year, I reflect back on my resolutions from the previous year and set some new ones.  Let’s see how I did…

These are what I set out to do for 2014.

Continue on my healthy living journey.  Lose some weight, keep working out, try new things, being active instead of lazy.
I feel like I did pretty well.  I kept up with my workouts, was active this summer.  I may not have eaten very healthy for a good part of this year, and put on actual weight…but I was still conscious of my health and being active. Part of the unhealthy eating/weight gain was from being sick from my gallbladder.
Be comfortable in my dress at Alden’s wedding and in NYC on vacation, knowing that I worked as hard as I could.
I would say I did this.  Sure, I could have been “thinner” but I felt good and didn’t let my weight get in the way for either of these.
Say “no” to more things.  Create margin in my life.
I did a good job of this.  I’m letting go of expectations others have for me, and am being more confident doing what I’m comfortable with.
Stop biting my nails.  For good. Getting a manicure on the 1st to put things in motion. 🙂
Big fat nope. Still have stubby nails.  Maybe this year?! ha!
Do more things for others. From helping my family to strangers and everywhere in between.  Be willing to do more, even when it’s inconvenient.
I think I did ok with this.  Could always have been better, but I can think of some things I did for others that I’m proud of.
–  Support more local businesses. Trying to shop local before buying online.
I did plenty of online shopping, but I also did lots locally.  I got to know some shop owners from shopping local, so I’m counting this as a win.
– Less time on my phone at home.
I think I did ok with this.  I wasn’t phone-dependent. 
Make at least 4 quilts. (t-shirt, one for me, one for Gram, one new technique)
I only made two.  But whatever. 
Be able to fit into all pants by June. (you know you have “someday I’ll fit into these” pants!)
I did a combo of working out and cleaning out the closet.  I still have one pair of jeans I can’t wear…but I love them and didn’t want to get rid of them.  I’m working on it!
So for 2015…
-Get back to my target weight of 160.
I’m not being scale obsessed…but I know that number feels good for me.  I’m working hard to get back there.
-Be a better housekeeper.
Use some time each day to take care of the house.  Try not to let it get nerve-wrackingly bad.
-Use credit cards less.
I don’t spend more than I have, but I use cards for incidental things and big purchases for the points.  I want to use them less so I don’t stress when the bills come in to coordinate when I’m paying what.  I always have the money to pay them off, but with like 4 cards I’m using, it gets hectic.
-Stop biting my nails.
Maybe 2015 is the year.
-4 Quilts.  One each quarter, if possible.
The tiny squares, the square border quilt, chevron quilt, and one more.
-Organize an Alzheimer’s fundraiser for the Longest Day. 
I really want to do this for 2015.
So there ya go.  My goals.
What are you working on for 2015?

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