Redefining Interruptions

Redefining Interruptions

At church last week, I started the Jonah bible study by Priscilla Shirer.

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So far, it’s been great.

The study looks at Jonah in terms of God’s calling on our lives, and how we respond (there is SO much more to Jonah than the whale!).

My favorite part of the study so far has been learning to redefine the interruptions in life.  When something comes up and interrupts my plans (my perfectly laid out, selfish plans), I tend to see it just like Jonah.  I throw a fit, I run away, I rebel. I don’t want those interruptions. However, when the interruption is from God, we need to reframe those.

See, interruptions are negative. When we are eating dinner and the phone rings from a telemarketer, it’s an interruption. However, if we are eating dinner and get a phone call from a friend I haven’t talked to in forever – it’s welcomed.  If that phone call is to tell me my grandma is headed to the hospital in an ambulance, it’s a necessary interruption.

So because of the importance of the interrupter (God) and the importance of the interruption (God’s call, God’s will) we should stop seeing these things as interruptions and see them as divine interventions. God is changing our plans for his purpose. For his calling.  For something bigger than we can see or imagine.

In fact, Jonah’s interruption divine intervention was a call to go to Ninevah and preach to the people.  He didn’t want to go. In fact, he chartered a boat to head the other way.

However, once we finally got to Ninevah, he was able to spawn a huge revival in the people.  What Jonah was called to do had eternal significance.

I have to remember that when my life is interrupted.  If those callings and change of plans are from God, there is nothing more important.

I feel like my life has been terribly interrupted lately.  My plans have NOT gone the way I imagined.  First, selling Tyler’s shop. Then him being out of work for a while.  Now, adjusting to a new job. And also my health issues as of late.  I need to seek and follow what God is calling us to during these divine interventions.


It’s a great way to reframe my life and adjust to the changes.


  1. love the new blog design! also learning to embrace interruptions in my own life… praying for you in yours as well! love 🙂

    • Thanks, Emilee! I’m learning that interruptions are just God choosing to partner with us….which is making them much easier to embrace and enjoy. 🙂 Praying for you too, friend!

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