Registering for Kindergarten!

Registering for Kindergarten!

The time has come to enroll Remi in Kindergarten!

She was a little confused about the process. She wanted to see her classroom or meet her teacher…but the enrollment was at the administration office. She did get to meet some teachers, but we don’t know who will be her teacher. Heck, right now, we don’t know which elementary school she will attend. We are zoned for the one WAY across town and have applied to school choice to the closer one.

We got there, did some paperwork, and then it was time for her assessment. She was excited to see a familiar face. Miss Jessica works at our church, and she did Remi’s assessment. She did great (at least what I heard)…they called Tyler and I away for more paperwork.

At the end, she got a little book that we read that night. It talked about things like music and art and PE and story time….and she was like “Wait? It’s not all paper work?” She got even more excited then knowing that FUN stuff awaits at kindergarten!

She’s going to love school. She’s growing up, and while it’s bittersweet, she’s ready. I just don’t know if kinder is ready for her!

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