Reindeer Games: Ladies Bible Study Party

Reindeer Games: Ladies Bible Study Party

I absolutely adore my Wednesday night Bible study group. The lady in the picture below (Rebecca) started it a couple years ago- and it was started as a working moms group. While there are some ladies in there who don’t work, we came together with one goal: to be REAL.

I’ve loved learning, praying, crying and sharing with these ladies. And it was SO FUN to party with them.

I mean, look at that food spread. We know how to do snacks!

We played so many fun games! Tara and Rebecca created the most fun night! We did a scavenger hunt for decorations around Tara’s house (which was SO FUN because she has some great vintage decorations), Bible trivia, a fun cell phone game and then a left-right passing gift game.

I’m so thankful for these ladies and their hearts.

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