Remembering Grandpa

Yesterday on the 23rd was the anniversary of the day my wonderful Grandpa Bud died. He died by freshman year of college in 2005, 5 years ago. It is crazy to think that its been 5 years since we have heard him play piano (he was AMAZING at playing by ear), or waited on him (he was always late…at least 15 minutes late), or bugged him for gum (he always had gum in his shirt pocket). I miss him a lot. I hate that he never got to meet Tyler, and that someday we will have children that will only hear stories of their great grandpa. But I do cherish the memories I have of him.
He was always so proud of me and everything I did. He would come listen to me everytime I sang and he would always give me big hugs and kisses afterwards. And he loved to see me work hard at school. He would always give money for a good report card (even when times were tough for him). He wasn’t perfect, but he was a pretty great grandpa.
He had diabetes, and eventually complications with the disease took his life. It was quite a traumatic time in my life, but I am fighting my weight so that I can fight off diabetes. I feel like that is honoring his memory by fighting the disease that took his life.
Yesterday, I remembered him in my heart, but I really felt like I wanted to remember him here too, to share just a bit of him with you.
Since he died before we got digital cameras, I don’t have many pictures handy to post. But one I had on facebook is me, grandpa and dad at my homecoming Senior Year. I was a homecoming maid and I had both grandpa and dad escort me. (Grandpa is the handsome dark haired guy on the left….and my dad is on the right. Kinda funny that my dad has white hair while my grandpa still had color!).
This was a fun memory with grandpa (and dad for that matter). It POURED down rain that night as we were being presented on the football field. So dad and grandpa held umbrellas over us as we walked the field. The funny thing was, I was in the middle of the umbrellas, so I got drenched by the funnel of water while they stayed dry! But they both thought I was covered! haha! It was a proud moment for both dad and grandpa, and I’m so glad I asked grandpa to escort me too, so we could share that memory.
I miss you Grandpa.


  1. So sweet. My grandpa’s anniversary of his death was yesterday the 28th. Keep positive abour diabetes, I have type 1 diabetes and have no complications after 13 years with the disease. Even if you get type 2, you can live a long and healthy life!

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