Remi’s First Hair Cut

Remi’s First Hair Cut

It was time to trim Remi’s hair…but she didn’t seem to want to cut it. She’s been to the salon with me once and wasn’t interested.

But then she started talking about cutting her hair, so I made us an appointment.

She’s 3, and her hair is so long and beautiful, but it could use some even ends.

This was the night before!


When the time came, she was a bit apprehensive. In fact, she cried the whole way to the salon because she was worried it would hurt. When we got there, I ambushed her and cut off a piece quickly when she wasn’t looking to show her it didn’t hurt.

So she climbed into Melinda’s chair and got it cut. Watching my phone during the cut calmed her right down.


We only took off a couple of inches. She was proud of herself (and she got a new Frozen Elsa brush to mark the occasion!)


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