Remi’s First Wedding!

Remi’s First Wedding!

My bestie Alden’s sister, Reed, was getting married. And she’s been like family for a while (that’s what happens when it’s your besties sister!), so we were so excited to be invited.

It was just a few hours away- so we decided to go on a little family trip to the wedding. And I’m SO GLAD WE DID.

We headed down Saturday afternoon and checked into the hotel to jump on the beds and get ready for the wedding.

Look at my cute wedding dates!


I didn’t take any pics of the wedding but it was beautiful. Reed was gorgeous, the venue was beautiful and the decor was just so classy.

But I was mostly just in love with this sweet girl enjoying the day!  She did SO WELL during the ceremony and was CRACKING US UP talking to the other little kids and lots of people there.


We had a blast at the reception, too…eating dinner and popsicles.


Remi was READY to hit the dance floor.  But once the party really got going, the music was loud and she preferred to be outside. 🙂


Probably the best and funniest part was when Alden RAN over to me. I reallllly thought she had spotted me during the ceremony (she was the MOH) but I thought we had this locking-eyes-moment.  Turns out she didn’t realize we were there and was sort of sad we didn’t come. But then her husband (who we had talked to before the ceremony) was like “Um…she’s right over there.” And she RAN to me squealing. 🙂

Hugging her neck and dancing with our girls was so fun.


Alden’s little girl Avery was living her BEST LIFE on the dance floor, surrounded by so many people who loved her.


I’m so grateful Tyler says “yes” when I’m like- hey let’s go away for the night to this wedding!  He’s always up for fun.


Sunday morning, we got hotel breakfast and then spent time in the pool….because the fun of a hotel is jumping on the beds and jumping into the pool!


We got to visit and play some more with Alden, Mike and Avery before we left- which just fills my heart with love.

Before we left Conway, we got pizza and gelato at ZAZA (yum) and then we headed home. Thankfully, Remi slept GREAT at the hotel and napped almost the entire drive home. It was a fun trip together!

And crazy enough, it was our first trip as just the 3 of us. Every other trip has had one of our moms with us. It was fun to be just us together.

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