Remi’s Hot Springs Weekend

Remi’s Hot Springs Weekend

While mommy and daddy had some fun with our friends, Remi got to play with our family!

Before we ever left, she was being CRAZY, jumping on my bed while I tried to get ready.  (I left her quietly watching Daniel Tiger on “momma’s big bed” but that’s not how I found her!)


On the drive down, sweet girl took a little snooze.  I sat in the back with her, so I was able to sneak a picture of this preciousness.


We started with a visit to see Uncle Neil.  Remi liked playing around the library at the nursing home!


After seeing Uncle Neil, Ty and I went with our friends, and Remi and mom met up with Auntie and Gavvy and Luke at the Mid-America Science Museum!  Mom said she LOVED it. I’m sure it also had something to do with playing with some of her favorite people!


Outside, they had a dinosaur walk, and she LOVES dinos! She was pretty happy to be hunting them.


Found one!  SO neat!


Back at the hotel, they swam, ate pizza and crashed. Remi and Luke snuggled up, which was adorable. He’s finally warming up to her and interacting more with her.


Sunday, we met back up with them at church and all had lunch before heading home. Remi was so worn out she slept the entire way home!

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