Remi’s Second Birthday Party

Remi’s Second Birthday Party

So yesterday you saw the setup, so today let’s look back at the party!

We rented a room at the park (I was worried about rain and didn’t want to use a pavilion outside) and set up a fun party. Remi girl LOVED it all.

We invited some of her sweet little friends- and it turned out all girls showed up. A fun little girl gang.

Remi and Amelia were first, and they were drinking their ducky punch and coloring.

When everyone got there, we had snacks, punch and cupcakes.  We didn’t do a big cake- Remi hasn’t loved the candle part of birthday cakes…so we just sang to her when she ate her cupcake.

I played some kids songs, and Remi entertained us with her dancing.  This was (of course) Baby Shark.

We helped her open her gifts, and so did several of her friends.  (Side note: I was SO PROUD of how she was sharing her presents right away.  She didn’t fuss at them helping open presents. She was only territorial over her bike.)

As soon as something was opened, she wanted Dada to “cut it up” and open it.  So we started throwing things back in the floor and had an impromptu play session with the new baby dolls and play doh! The girls were SO FUN.

While she opened presents, Carl (my Nene’s friend) made balloon animals.  He has done some clowning, so he’s a pro!  The littles and even some adults enjoyed the balloons!

At one point, Remi climbed up on this stack of tables, and the other girls quickly followed.  They jumped and danced and had the best time up here stomping around.

After presents, we headed outside to ride the train! This park has a free train, and the kids (and the adults) LOVED it!  Remi DID NOT want to sit by me, she wanted back by her little friends. (Shoutout to Avery and Lyla’s moms for sitting behind them and making sure they stayed put!).

After our train ride, the girls all played at the park!  Swinging, sliding and jumping. LOTS of fun.

After a bit, all the little friends went their respective ways, and the family stayed to help us clean up.  We got pics with Remi and her family!

We love Kelsey and Brad!

Remi is a big PawPaw fan! (He’s her great grandpa)  She wanted him to sit at her table during the party.

And our Gordon clan came to party! We were so glad they came up from Hot Springs. She loves her “Gabby” (Gavvy, Gavin), Mr. D, Auntie, “Wuke” (Luke), and KK (Caitlyn).

And Nene (Remi’s great grandma) was there too! Remi loved giving hugs to everyone!


It was so fun to watch Remi interact with her friends and enjoy the fun.

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