Remi’s Third Pageant

Remi’s Third Pageant

There was another pageant fundraiser for our baseball team, and since Remi loves being the center of attention, we entered her.

I DIYed her pageant dress- it’s a cheap one from Zulily plus some rhinestones.


She was having an antsy day because she didn’t nap well, but she still enjoyed herself. She got to go on stage twice- a casual look and her pageant dress.  She loved the applause.



She was supposed to be in the baby category, apparently (there were girls her age in it- with moms helping them) but communication got crossed when I called to enter her, and we put her in the next category- which was girls up to 5. Oops.

So she couldn’t really “compete” but we just do these for fun, anyway, so no big deal.


She was SO brave. She even got an on-stage question! What’s your favorite color?  “BLUE” she proudly said.


She won a medal, 2nd runner up and crowd favorite. We are so proud of her.



But mostly, we LOVE this portrait of our silly girl. That’s her cheese face. She channels Chris Farley for sure.


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