Research and Sunset

So today we presented our paper. The panel was in the first time slot of the morning, on the first day of the conference. And, our panel of 4 papers was full of AMAZING papers. All the papers had to do loosely with gender performativity online. Interesting papers about avatar character choice on Second Life, the post-partum depression on, and about the idea of Facebook, careers, and “what your mom wouldn’t want to see” online. Then there was our paper, which was a literature review of current academic research on gendered blogging, gender bending and cyber relations. Ours was the only paper in the panel that wasn’t original research, but rather a survey of the current literature. So ours was a little out of place…but the presentation went well. We had great questions and conversations afterwards. Then we heard other fantastic panels of presentations. I am just amazed at the cool research in my discipline (Communication) and the wide range of topics and questions these researchers are tackling. It is cool.
Tonight, we had a welcome party on the deck, and this was our view…
At the party, I hung out with some grad students from Western Kentucky who were really cool. We had a great conversation about Facebook and the consequences, benefits, and cultural impact its having. So interesting to talk to others about the crazy thoughts in my head! Ha! Then the three of us went to a performance the conference put on. It was performance art, and was a one woman show, a monologue, which I think was quite autobiographical of the performer. It was funny, creative, shocking, and thought-provoking.
Then I took a little stroll along the beach, FINALY getting my toes in the sand and water.
Hopefuly tomorrow I can take a little time for myself to work out, and maybe catch a little sun.
Love from Florida…

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