Research on Blogging

So I am all good to do my research on blogging for my thesis. If you want to help, go to Kelly’s Korner and check it out. (BIG thank you to Kelly for helping me recruit participants!).

If you wandered over here from Kelly’s Korner, welcome! I would love it if you would leave me a comment saying hello! Thank you for completing my thesis survey for me and helping me on my journey through grad school.

Have a great day! 🙂


  1. I did the survey. I married into a razorback family, although my husband and I live in West Virginia now 🙂 Good Luck with your research!

  2. I came by from Kelly’s Korner and I completed your survey. I think your thesis topic is very original. Good luck with it!

  3. Brittney, I’m visiting from Kelly’s Korner, and I think your thesis is very interesting! I do have a question though, are you just looking for moms that are bloggers to complete the survey, or any female bloggers? I don’t have kids, but I would love to help if I can. I remember having to track down enough people to complete my survey for my undergraduate thesis! 😉

  4. I just completed your survey! Hope all the research goes well!

  5. Hi Britt, i just completed your survey. good luck with school!
    I’m from NWA and I LOOOVE to call those HOGS!!! 🙂

  6. Hey girl! Came from Kelly’s Korner and took the survey! I would be really interested in hearing more about your thesis if you have time!

    Have a great day!

  7. Best of luck with grad school! One more survey completed!

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  9. I came over from Kelly’s Korner! I hope you’ll feel comfortable about sharing some of your findings! My husband & I have talked on several occasions about the “underground world of mommy bloggers”. It’s a pretty interesting subject! Good luck!

  10. What a fun survey! And cool thesis! Happy researching!

  11. You’re very welcome! I did a mail survey, and as I stuck a stamp on every one of them I prayed, “God, please let them answer this.” So I definitely understand what you’re going through! I graduated from UALR with a Masters in Journalism.

  12. Hey there! I’m a PHD candidate at UGA, so I’m all for helping out other grad students:) I’m a blogger – writing primarily about family – but I’m not a mom. Does that count me out? If so, I totally understand – if no, let me know how I can help … and yes, I came from Kelly’s Korner:) Didn’t we all?!::)

    You can check my blog out at

    Good luck to you as you continue your studies!
    Let me know, if I can help you in any way – kristinstultz @

  13. Hi! I’m visiting from Kelly’s Korner & wanted to say hello! I completed the survey & I’m very interested in learning what you find out!

    As a previous grad student, I sympathize with you trying to complete your thesis 🙂 Best of luck!!!

  14. Came over from Kelly’s Korner! I completed the survey and am so glad that you are able to do your thesis on blogging 🙂 Had a lot of fun and hope this helps you!

    Good Luck!

  15. Took your survey from Kelly’s Korner. I’ve been there and appreciated all of the people who helped me with my surveys and research in grad school! Best of luck!
    My blog is

  16. Very cute blog! I found you through Kellys Korner and I too am a huge razorback girl 🙂 Good luck with your thesis and school and if you need any good recipes head over to my blog at!

    happy holidays

  17. I completed your survey! I absolutely love to blog! You have thought of a very cool thesis! Good for you! Then you commented on the post when I submitted the survey! Love that! I am wondering how you found that I posted about your link? I recently posted about someone else on the radio and the radio person commented on that link. How did she know that I even posted about her! It was how I loved her morning inspiration! This would be my blog technology question! Just curious!!
    Love your idea!!!!

  18. I just wanted to let you know that I took your survey!!! 🙂 I wish you all the luck with your research!! 🙂

  19. Just took your survey and hope that it helps with your research! Best of luck to you :0)

  20. Just wanted to let you know I took your survey (from Kellys) Good luck with your research!

  21. I completed the survey. The only question/concern I had was about the phone number question. None of the choices were right for me so I just selected the first one. I hope that was ok.
    Good luck with your thesis!

  22. Popped over from Kelly’s Korner to help out with the survey. I also live in Arkansas and am a Razorback fan. Good luck with your thesis and I hope you get all the participation you need!

  23. Would love to know the results of your findings!! This particular topic is fascinating to me and I often wonder where blogging will go in the next few years as more and more women join in!

  24. i came from kelly’s corner too 🙂

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