Last year, I posted about my goals for the new year for 2011, so here is an update on those:

-Reach my goal weight with MRC.(lost 40 pounds..currently 30 pounds from goal.)
-Be diligent in working on and finishing my thesis (finished that sucker!)
-Work out more (done.  Because I think teaching 7 Zumba classes a week counts for something 🙂 haha)
-Declutter my life a bit. Get rid of stuff we don’t need.(did some of this…can always do more)
-Work on being a better housekeeper. I know the mess adds to my stress, but I can’t seem to keep up with it. (a bit better…still working on this)
-Reach out to my friends more.(honestly, I didn’t do great.)
-Build our dream home…but don’t insist on things we don’t need in the house. Remember we are building a functional home, not anything else. (done.  So proud of our home and that we were sensible in building it)
-Work on budgeting better. Realize where all my money goes.  (lots better)
For 2012, I have some goals:
-Lose these last 30 pounds in a sensible manner that I can continue for life.  I think that’s why MRC didn’t work for me last year…it was a “diet” not a lifestyle change.  I’m in it to win it now baby.
-Challenge myself at work
-Continue working on making housekeeping a habit, not a chore
-Reach out to one friend each week
-Save money to go to Vegas!
-Be intentional about friendships and relationships here
I think those goals will really make 2012 a great, fulfilling year!
I hope you set some goals for yourself…not necessarily “resolutions” that you will forget about in a month, but some things to really work towards.  A new year is a new start.
Happy New Year to You!!

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