Resolutions: Recap and Forecast

Last year, I posted some goals for 2012…here is the recap of those!
-Lose these last 30 pounds in a sensible manner that I can continue for life.  I think that’s why MRC didn’t work for me last year…it was a “diet” not a lifestyle change.  I’m in it to win it now baby.  
Well, I lost 24of those pounds!  Still trucking, and I readjusted my goal…I think I have about 20 moreto go! I have the lifestyle change thing down…which is why I’m losing slow.  
-Challenge myself at work
Done and done.  I started doing more at my old job, but then I changed jobs in March and definitely got a challenge! I am constantly learning in my job.

-Continue working on making housekeeping a habit, not a chore
I’m not up to par with my mom, but I’m getting better.  I don’t have 6 loads of laundry to do at a time anymore.  I try and stay on top of things better.

-Reach out to one friend each week
Big fat fail.  I did this only a handful of times throughout the year. 

-Save money to go to Vegas!
 Well, I saved money for our cruise and Zumba convention next year…and I went to Vegas for work…so I guess I did this! We just decided to cruise for this upcoming vacay instead of Vegas.
-Be intentional about friendships and relationships here
I think I did well with this.  I have some great friends locally now that I was very intentional about meeting, hanging out with, and getting to know.
So what is in store for 2013? Here are my 2013 resolutions:
-Get to 150 pounds, then find my happy weight. 
-Reach out to more friends. New and old.
-Finish reading through the Bible.
-Listen more.  Be intentional about having a quiet spirit and listening to those around me more.
-Save more.  I spend money on frivolous things all the time.  I am going to open a savings account and make an effort to pay into that more.


  1. I love the idea to reach out to one friend a week. Moving away from friends makes things so difficult.

  2. Listen more is a great one. We could all benefit from that one.

    • Amen! I am usually the chattiest person in the room, so I’m trying to be better at being quiet and listening. It is making a HUGE impact on my relationships so far!

  3. Yep, the reaching out to one friend a week struck a chord with me, too. That is a fantastic resolution that is for some reason really hard to keep. We all get so busy with our own lives that we don’t realize the impact a 30-minute phone goal can make. Definitely adding that one to my list.

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