Rest for the Weary

I started reading Brave by Angela Thomas. I HIGHLY recommend the study so far.  Last week’s lesson was on being worn.

Oh, was that sister talking straight to my heart!

Lately, I’ve been run ragged with all these Zumba classes (which I’m cutting back on after Thanksgiving), extra commitments (and I’m starting to say no more!), and other stresses.  I have felt worn plumb out.

In the book, she talked about a few great points about rest and weariness.

1. Being weary is a sign of humanity.  We may not ever fully escape it (this makes me whimper “Oh, Jesus!” which…I guess is the point?!). The Bible talks about work making you weary, and Jesus (while fully man) felt weary.  It’s gonna happen.

2.  We get refueled through God.  God promises rest to the weary- we just have to come to Him.

My favorite point
3. Jesus didn’t do everything. He didn’t heal every sick person or visit every town.  He only did what God asked him to do.  The same goes for us.  We can’t do everything.  We must do what God asks of us, and be ok with that.  Weariness often comes from doing too much (even good things!). So it’s ok to step back and do only what we are called to do.

This book is speaking to me…so don’t be surprised if I post about pretty much every lesson as I read. 🙂

“Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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