Riceland Rice: Eat Local

Riceland Rice: Eat Local

*I was given some awesome conference swag including rice and oil by Riceland, but all opinions are my own.*

I remember being in gradeschool in Arkansas History class.  One day we were having a party of Arkansas foods.  I sort of forgot to tell my mom we had to bring a dish until last minute. I remember us scrounging through the cabinets and finding a bag of Riceland Rice.  “It’s made in Arkansas!” Mom exclaimed. So, we made rice and I brought it to school the next day. Crisis averted.

I have known since then that Riceland rice is grown in Arkansas, but I didn’t know much else.  Until I attended Arkansas Women Bloggers University last month.  One of our sponsors was Riceland. At Foodie Friday, we were gifted this gorgeous bottle of rice bran oil. It is SO good.  Right now, they don’t bottle it in small consumer-sized bottles, but you can buy it in bulk on their website here.  It has a high smoke point, so I can pan-fry anything, and it has little to no flavor, so it doesn’t compete with the food I’m cooking. I love it.  It’s living on the side of my stove at the moment because I’m cooking with it a lot.


The next day, Riceland sponsored the keynote luncheon.  Robin, their PR person, presented this video to us.  It’s so great.  Get the tissues ready.

Isn’t that great?!

The neatest part of all of this was that a couple weeks later my dad’s best friend came to visit.  I’ve always known that Wendall was a farmer…but I found out he is a Riceland farmer!  What?  That’s so cool!

Riceland gave me a swag bag full of products.


I ate a lot of rice after my surgery.  It was the perfect food – full of protein, low fat, fiber, and filling.  My favorite rice was actually the Riceland Gold Perfected Rice.  It’s a rice that’s been milled and parboiled, and it comes out perfect every time.  I cooked it in a flavored broth, and it was delish.

Now that I’ve heard stories from the farmers, and know that I know that Riceland is farmer-owned, I’ll only be buying Riceland rice.  It’s worth it to me to support family farms and local agriculture.  And the rice is goooood.



  1. I’m still using my supply and loving it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven’t tried my oil yet but I’m thinking of frying up some green tomatoes in it! Great post. Great rice!

  3. I’ve got to hunt me down some of that oil! I wasn’t at Foodie Friday so I didn’t get any…

  4. My husband hauls Riceland rice in his big truck!! We love it too!!

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