Ridiculous Food Ads: Logan’s Roadhouse

Ridiculous Food Ads: Logan’s Roadhouse

So I’ve been getting some CRAZY email advertisements for food stuff.  In the vein of being healthy and avoiding these food traps, I’ll be outlining a few of these here on the blog.  I don’t know how regularly or how long I can do this series…but I want to share with you that these “great deals” they email about are not typically a good idea.

Now, I believe in “everything in moderation” so if you want a splurge, go for it. But, if you think you’re ordering one of these specials just because it’s a good price, then beware!

Today’s highlight is one from Logan’s Roadhouse: a free appetizer with a half rack of ribs.  Sound innocent enough, right?

Well, thank goodness this one was only valid for two days.  It’s a doozy. (Don’t even get me started that this email said the item pictured was a FULL rack of ribs, but the deal was on a half rack.  Not truthful advertising!)


Let’s say you order this and intend on splitting the appetizer.  Now, Logan’s doesn’t release their nutrition data online (and I’m weary of any restaurant chain that doesn’t), but I used information inputted on MyFitnessPal for similar foods. Let’s take a look.

This comes with a half rack of ribs, appetizer, and two sides.  It’s unclear whether a salad is included, but I know you would also be given rolls at your table.

  • Half rack of ribs: 685 calories
  • Loaded sweet potato: 309 calories
  • Cinnamon apples: 408 calories (woah! you’d think ordering apples would be safe!)
  • 1 roll: 227 calories
  • half order of fried pickles: 410 calories (so that’s 820 for the whole order!)

That meal comes in at 2039 calories! That’s before a drink too, so if you add a sweet tea, tack on another 100 calories per glass!


Instead of that, for healthy eating at Logan’s, I recommend ordering from their Healthy and Hearty Menu. Anything off that menu says it has less than 550 calories. Much better.


So remember, just because the meal is a deal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


  1. The sweet tea always gets ya! I’m trying to drink mostly water these days or a cup of hot tea. That sweet tea really racks up the sugar calories! But it’s so good… Have to save it up for special occasions. 😉

  2. I’m so glad you’ve been creating a series to bring to light the truth behind some of these food “steals” that people get drawn into. And I agree, it’s usually because of the advertising that people gravitate towards foods like these! Or like the dollar menu at McDonald’s! Yes, it may be easier than spending 30 minutes in the kitchen cooking your own healthier meal option for your family, but what’s more important? Saving the 30 minutes of time? Or using that time to bring more love to your family and show you care about their health?…

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