Ringing in the 20’s!

Ringing in the 20’s!

Our friends decided to have a New Year’s Eve party…which morphed into a “fancy dress” party, which morphed into a roaring ’20s party!

Rachel hosted it at her house, and she’s a history teacher…so she ran with our historical theme. She did research on clothing and food, and she even had displays ready for our historically-accurate menu with things that were popular then, like shrimp cocktail and deviled eggs.


Tyler got stuck at work (he has to work patrol during school holidays), so Remi and I got to the party together. She stole my headpiece, and then wanted a dress to match me. It was precious to see her in her party clothes. I loved how excited she was for the “costume party”


Rachel’s house is PERFECT for sending the kids upstairs and the adults hanging downstairs together. We went in together for a babysitter to just keep an eye on the kids, and we enjoyed when they popped downstairs to see us.

I was a big fan of my ’20s makeup…maybe I’ll rock an exaggerated cupid’s bow on my lips more often.


Rachel made it so festive! Even the champagne glasses had sparkles!


Rebecca and Tara were ROCKING those looks.


And Chris and Heath got into the fun, too!  (Aaron came as a 2020’s man. ha!)  Tyler had an outfit all picked out, but he was too tired to get too festive by the time he finally got off work (he worked 13.5 hours!) and got to the party. He does love a costume party, much like I do, so I hated he didn’t feel up to all the festivities.


But I was SO glad when he finally showed up!  He had to be at work at 5 a.m. on the 1st, so we left around 10.  Even though we had two cars, I knew I would wake him up when I got home, and I just didn’t want to do that to him…to let him have such little sleep anyway, and then interrupt it.


But in the time we were there, we had a BLAST. Food, drinks, laughter, dancing, so much fun!


We danced to the music on the New Year’s Rocking Eve! Rachel and I had a blast.  I know there are videos on phones (that better stay there!)


The kids had fun playing. And we totally let them party, too!  Amelia and Remi are so fun together!


When we broke out the karaoke machine, we had to play Let it Go like 3 times! Our own little girl band.


At the end of the night, Remi was still hungry, so I just set her by the charcuterie board. She drank her water out of a champagne glass and WENT TO TOWN.


I say it alot, but I’m so grateful for these ladies. For our friendship, for our times together, for celebrating life together, that our kids are friends, that our husbands like each other….it’s just a blessing!


In the words of RENT, “It’s gonna be a happy new year!”

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