Rollercoaster Ride

I have had a hard time getting a good night’s sleep.  My dreams vary from weird to scary to lifelike…but until last night I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since I saw Gram last weekend.
I went home Friday morning to spend time with my family, and I am so glad I did.
Gram took us on a rollercoaster ride.
Friday morning, she was doing ok.  She was a bit alert, she was nodding and answering with one word answers.  Her color was a bit better.  We were there for a few hours and we knew were were wearing her out, so we left for lunch so she could sleep.  When we returned, we came back to a different Gram.
Friday afternoon and evening, she was so lethargic.  She would barely even open her eyes, much less respond with a smile or one word answer.  She wouldn’t even wake up when they were rolling her around the bed.  The only time she woke up was when they were pumping some painful medicine into her IV.  She woke up looking angry and saying “ow, ow.”  Also, for some strange reason, Friday evening, they took out her catheter.  This was a bad idea.  She hasn’t gotten out of the bed yet, so taking that out meant she was just going to the bathroom on herself and sitting in her mess until someone noticed and cleaned her up.  Not good.
Saturday morning, she was the same….so lethargic.  I’ll be really honest- it felt like we were losing her or something.  She was moving backwards so fast.  She was starting a really yucky chest cough, her veins were collapsing so the IV wouldn’t stay in, she had a fever.
They messed with her all Saturday afternoon.  They were cleaning her up, they tried twice to use the ultrasound to insert an IV (which was so painful for her…we had to hold her down so she didn’t hit the ultrasound tech), they put the catheter BACK in (Thank goodness!), they cut into an artery to check her blood gasses, and then they put in a central line for her IV. They also had to put oxygen on her as her blood gasses were low.
It turns out, they hadn’t been giving her any fluids since she was in the hospital.  She was severely dehydrated.  So getting the central line in meant she could finally get some antibiotics and fluids.  When we came in Saturday evening, she was a bit more alert.  We could tell the medicines were working.  We talked to her for about 5 minutes with her smiling and nodding to respond, but then she immediately got really lethargic.  Then she started twitching.  Her head started moving to the side and we knew something wasn’t right.  Mom hit the nurses button, but I couldn’t wait.  I went to get the nurses because she was shaking and twitching.  It wasn’t violent, but it was uncontrollable.  They started checking her sugar, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and more.  It was all normal.  But we thought she had a seizure or a stroke.  Turns out, the level of the anti-seizure medicine should have been at a 10, and hers was below a 1!  She most definitely had a seizure Saturday evening.  And we just hope that was the only one.
They upped her seizure meds and continued fluids and medicine all night.  And Sunday morning was a new Gram.
She was responsive.  She was alert.  For the first time, I really think she understood when mom was telling her what had happened.  She smiled.  She knew who were were.  She felt pain for the first time (which is a good thing.   Pain is a normal brain function).  She ate a few bites of applesauce, but that was all she wanted.  She finally seemed like we were getting Gram back, praise the Lord.
However, this progress is two steps forward, one step back.  She has the beginnings of pneumonia, and she has a bit of infection in her blood as well as a UTI.  They have her on lots of antibiotics.  Finally, she is making strides on the brain front, so we just hope these infections go away quickly.  Please keep praying.
Pray these infections subside quickly.  Pray that she has a desire to eat so they can take out the feeding tube.  Pray for no more seizures.  Pray for my Gram.  We appreciate all the prayers, because we really feel like all we can do is pray for her.  Thanks ya’ll.


  1. That’s terrible Brittany…i am so sorry! We will definitely continue to pray for her! AND YOU, that you’ll get good rest. Love you, continue to keep us posted.

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