Rose Gold Hair!

Rose Gold Hair!

I had seen Overtone’s ads alllllll over my social media for their crazy colored hair conditioners. I LOVED it, but I can’t do crazy colors.  But, I saw that they had this subtle rose gold for brown hair. I decided to dive in!

I was a little concerned upon applying it to my hair because it was HOT PINK.

It’s not a dye, and there’s no bleaching involved. It’s a color-depositing conditioner that’s incredibly pigmented.

You let it sit on your hair for 15 minutes and rinse. I found that using my hair dye brush gave me an even application without wasting too much product.

IMG_2783It is really heavily pigmented and would dye things- like my hair clip that I touched with my gloved hand.


I also recommend putting down a towel, as it stained my counter where I didn’t notice a rogue splash of color for a while.


But the results were GREAT.  One deposit lasted me about 1.5 weeks, and then I reapplied.  I also bought their daily conditioner to sort of maintain the color better.  It’s semi-permanent, so it does wash out/fade, but I love it so much, it’s worth a conditioning treatment every few weeks to me!


They also have a purple for brown hair that I may try next! It’s subtle, but noticeable and I just really like it.

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