Rough Night

Yesterday after work, I had about 30 extra minutes before Bible Study, so I took my tennis shoes and T-shirt and went for a walk/run around the trails around town.

I had never been on the trails (and neither had Tyler or Nancy!) but I found out where to park to get to the trails…and they are so nice! Shaded, relatively flat, close to houses (which makes me feel comfortable that if something happened, someone could hear me)…but it was hot outside! I was sweating while I was just warming up…and by the time my 30 minutes were up, I had a pretty nasty headache from being so hot and not having any water.

I tried drinking some water during Bible Study, but the water from the water fountain is the nasty town water…so I couldn’t even finish one whole bottle. I got home, ate a bit of dinner, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (will we ever not have dishes to do?!) and then went to sleep.

Well, I woke up around 1:30 with some stomach cramps…and was up until about 2:45 with some tummy troubles. Not fun. I was hot, nauseous, and didn’t feel well. To keep from waking Tyler from coming and going from bed to the bathroom, I went to the guest bathroom. And sweet Mikey followed me. When I laid on the bathroom floor (to cool off…thankful for that cool floor!), Mikey thought it was play time! He brought me his toy and wagged his sweet tail. Poor guy didn’t know why momma wasn’t playing with him!

Thankfully, I went back to sleep about 3, and slept well until I got up at 7:15. But I’m feeling a little tired and weak today, but the show must go on! Gotta work and do Zumba later…so I hope I get some energy before then!


  1. Yuck!! That is the worst! I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. ooh i hate that! laying on the cool bathroom floor always helps me too.

    hope you get to feeling better soon

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