Runaway Circles (Girls Getaway)

Runaway Circles (Girls Getaway)

We call ourselves the circle (hearkening back to the matching tattoos they all got). So when we planned a getaway, we called ourselves the runaway circles! ha!

We wanted to have a staycation night at my mom’s house this summer, but the best time for us was the day after July 4th…and my family was visiting. So I had a free night at a Hyatt and used it to put us up in NWA.

We had the BEST TIME.

We met up Friday morning (thanks to all our bosses to take the day off work!) and got coffee. Tara and Rebecca are baristas, so they needed caffeine (and to pick up their paychecks!), so we got drinks and hit the road.


We started at Crystal Bridges, where we got drinks and enjoyed the art. We walked outside to see the Chihuly exhibits and many other outdoor pieces. We took crazy pics and laughed a lot.


We also toured the Frank Lloyd Wright home at the museum, but no photos are allowed there.

And then we made our own art (our circles) in the gift shop!


We met up with Rachel (she had to take a test that morning) at the hotel and got ready for a night out.

Let’s just say there was popcorn, chocolate, drinks and lots of laughter.


We fancied up to go eat Mexican…but whatever. Whenever we can go eat without little people or husbands needing anything, it’s worth it.


We had THE MOST memorable Lyft driver who managed to freak us out (by missing multiple turns/exits), making us laugh and also weirding us out. But whatever, it was part of the fun.


After dinner, we took a ride to the fancy Walmart (I mean, NWA is Walmart country, and the stores are just nicer up here!) and then back to the hotel.


We attempted a trip to the pool, but it was cool outside and there were teenagers there, so nope.


We came back to the room, got dressed again and walked to a place next door. There was live music (which ended up being one of Tara’s friends from high school!), more drinks and more laughter.



At one point, we were up dancing, and our waitress marked our table so they didn’t bus it. We loved it! We partied until almost midnight.


The next morning, we ate the wonderful breakfast at the hotel (for real, there were waffles, sausage, monkey bread….really good) and then we chilled until check out time.

Then we ate some more…hitting up a pie shop.


Then we walked around the town square a bit and then ate some more. No shame. ha!  After some wonderful Italian food, we headed back home to nap. It was glorious.

It’s wonderful to have friends you can be real with, that you can laugh with and do life with.

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