Running PR Update: Week 2

Running PR Update: Week 2

I had good intentions this week, but only got one run in (but I did get several cross training workouts).

Another night, I was headed to the park after Remi went to bed, and the bottom dropped out and it started POURING, so I never got to run.

But the run I did get was GREAT.  It had rained all day, so I wasn’t hopeful to hit the pavement. But it cleared out after dinner, so me and Remi went to the park (I’ve been trying to run without the stroller, because I think running with it bothers my knee…but Tyler was gone for the evening).

We did a few laps of walking and running, and everytime I stopped running, she would say “Momma run!”  Talk about encouraging!

They are calling for MORE RAIN, so I don’t know how much I’ll get to run in the next few days….the park’s creek (that’s usually just a foot or so deep) was overflowing and running like crazy. We’ve had so much rain.

I’m actually not 100% certain I’m doing the 5K in August (just family conflicts, really) but we did sign up for one in October, so I’ll keep running and training until then (or keep going to hit my PR).

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