Running Red 5K

Running Red 5K

A family we go to church with was heading up a new 5K event in town- called Running Red.  It benefited organizations supporting diabetes and bleeding disorders.  We have a family history of diabetes, and we also wanted to support our friends in their endeavors.

So I signed up me, mom and Nancy to run.

And then our family from Hot Springs came to visit that weekend- so we all signed up!

It was a GORGEOUS (although a little humid) morning.  Nene sat out and cheered us on (she could have easily walked it, but is recovering from pneumonia, so she sat this one out).


It was Remi’s first race, and my first real run pushing the stroller. I’ve walked with it- and jogged like a 1/10th of a mile here and there during a walk, but this was the real deal.

We had a bit of a morning- she’s teething (we think) and was a bit difficult. But she enjoyed the race without any fuss. She liked watching everyone pass us and at one point gave everyone a high five as they ran by!

29498145_10156267258129111_6835044500472447901_n.jpgAside from doing 9Round, mom and I didn’t really train. And that came back to bite me when my old IT Band issues flared up. (They bothered me before the last time I pushed myself during a run- my 10k that I didn’t really train for. You’d think I’d learn.)

But we pushed it.  We finished just under 45 minutes.  My best time ever was like 36 minutes (I think. I need to go back through my running archives).  But either way, for not training and running with the stroller, just under 15 minute miles felt good.

Remi wasn’t so sure when we took off.  Look at her gripping the stroller! ha!


But she quickly relaxed.  This was one mile in. We got one red stripe of face paint for each mile.


Remi girl was obviously not impressed with the big finish. ha!


We might train and try again on the 4th of July. We’ll see how this IT Band issues shakes out. Either way, it felt good to know we can do this again.

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