San Fran Food

San Fran Food

When I was planning this trip, of course I looked at places to eat.  It looked like all the food was super expensive (and it was) but it was worth it.

Lunches and snacks were included in the conference, so I didn’t get to try as much food as if I were just here for fun, but I’ve had some delicious things.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’ve seen some of these.

One night for dinner, I was shopping in the Union Square area, and just happened into an Italian place called Scala’s Bistro- which I found out after the fact was a pretty well-known place in the area.  The atmosphere was great- quiet, cozy, and great service.  I ordered a pizetta- which the waiter told me was a small pizza.  It was NOT small.  I could have shared this I wasn’t dining alone.  I also ordered a side of Brussels sprouts because they sounded amazing.  The pizetta had gorgonzola cheese, pears, pine nuts, and spinach.  And it was so unique and great.  And the Brussels sprouts had garlic and pancetta.  YUM. I hope to recreate some of these flavors once I get home. 

One morning the conference started around 9am, but I was up early (thanks Central time!) and I was ready for breakfast long before the conference breakfast was serveed.  I wandered across the street to the Ferry Building and found some shops open.  I got some fresh squeezed orange juice and a homemade pop tart of sorts from Frog Hollow Farm.  It was flakey and fresh and warm and perfect.

I was on the hunt for seafood one night.  San Francisco is known for seafood, but not really seafood I love.  They are known for oysters (no thanks), clam chowder (not a huge fan), and dungeness crabs (not sure what to do with them!). But I went to Fisherman’s Wharf to find some seafood and ended up at Boudin Bakery.  I had a GREAT meal there.  First off the bread was amazing…and then these tacos.  They were a mix of seafood- one was fish, one was shrimp, and one was crab (the shrimp was my fave) and they were all on sourdough tortillas.  Amazing.

I finished the meal with a splurge (I had walked 2 miles to dinner….it was well earned!).  I had their sourdough apple pie.  It came with a dollop of cinnamon gelato.  It was warm and gooey and wonderful.

My last night, I ventured into the Italian part of town called North Beach.  I had found a place online that looked interesting- Capp’s Corner.  While there are a TON of new cool hip Italian places, I wanted a long standing traditional place- and this was it.  You started with a tureen of soup (which if I hadn’t been dining alone, I would have shared with my party!). It was a delish hearty minestrone. Really tasty.

Then there was a salad with a wonderfully creamy and tangy house dressing.  And then I got the canneloni.  They were delicate crepes filled with veal and topped with cheese and a part tomato/part creamy sauce.  It came with a side of pasta and a great tangy marinara and veggies (which were much appreciated after all the indulging!).

Not like I NEEDED dessert, but I wanted to try some gelato. There is basically a gelato place every block in North Beach, so I popped into one and asked the guy what his favorite was – he directed me to Almond Joy.  Which was just like the candy bar- coconut, chocolate and almond.  And so good.  I just got a tiny serving to finish off my meal.

But no trip to the Italian part of town would be complete with a canoli.  So after my show, I popped into a bakery for a beautiful chocolate chip canoli (and I brought one back for Tyler! It almost didn’t make it on the plane.  TSA tried to tell me it was a “gel”, so I offered to transfer it from the box to my quart size ziploc if they thought it was less than the 3 oz requirement.  At that point, he told me not to bother and to get on with my canoli. ha!).

And I REALLLLY wanted to bring home one of everything.  But I didn’t.  But looooooook at all that goodness!

So yup. San Fran lived up to my food expectations.  It was all good!  It was pricey, but totally worth it.

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