Santa! I Know Him!

Santa! I Know Him!

Well, we saw Santa again.

Last week, we went to NWA so Tyler could use his Cabela’s points and to eat sushi. Yes, after 9 months of no raw sushi (and 3 months of none at all, thanks gestational diabetes), I was craving it. Our favorite sushi place is up there, so we spent the evening up north.

I had heard there was a great Santa at the mall near Cabelas. I asked Kelly about it, and she confirmed and told me that a Thursday afternoon would be ideal for a visit.

We went and there were only a couple kids in line. So she got a bottle to make her happy and then she met the big man in red again.

I was IN LOVE with the pictures.


And this is the one I had printed. It’s gonna come out every year at Christmas. Those cheeks and the sweet way Santa is looking at her. Perfection.displayimage-1displayimage


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