Saving the Best (Hanson Concert) for Last

Saving the Best (Hanson Concert) for Last

I headed back to Tulsa for the final Hanson concert in this streaming series. Not gonna lie, I was sad for these shows to end. It’s been AMAZING having something to look forward to and take me out of town, if even for an evening. And of course, seeing my favorite band in my favorite place was great.

For this last show, I reached out to my friend Liz, who was my sorority sister in college. We’ve been to 3 Hanson shows together over the years- she’s been a fan as long as I have. She lives far away near Austin, but she said the dates worked perfectly for her to come. And I’m SO glad she did!

We had a great time catching up and visiting.

When she got to town, we grabbed lunch at Andolini’s and then got in line at Cain’s. Liz said it felt like Hanson mecca.

The fans crack me up writing numbers on hands. We were 44 and 45, not that it mattered much. The venue doesn’t police the line and I know some groups got larger closer to concert time.

We got settled in line and sat and chatted for a long time. In fact, we were in line from like 2:30 pm until doors at 7.

We took a little break, thanks to nice people around us, and went and grabbed a snack. And we had to squeeze in a pic at the mural!

We got GREAT spots. 2-3 row! It’s still a dream to be front row….someday! We just couldn’t get there early enough this time.

But I mean, when you’re this close, it’s still FANTASTIC energy.

This was a Listener’s Choice show, so they let fans vote on the set list. That resulted in a great list of songs from basically every album. The energy was unreal. The order of the songs built into some SUPER fun jumping energy at the end.

My fave moments were when Liz and I got to jump to If Only together holding hands. If you would have told us 14 years ago at our first show together that we’d be here, I don’t think we would have believed you.

It was maybe the best show of the series for me. I know Anthem was AMAZING, but being there with Liz and just enjoying ourselves so much was icing on the cake.

We had heard that a local brewing company was carrying a few Hanson Brothers beers, so we jetted there after the show to check them out.

We got a Russian Doll and White Russian Doll.

And the FUNNIEST thing were these saint candles. Maybe a little sacreligious, but too funny not to take home with me. Cheers, boys!

After the bar, we went back to Cain’s to wait for the band to come out. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally just after midnight, Ike appeared. But meet and greets are weird right now- there’s bars in between you and the band….so we decided to leave because we couldn’t get good pics. But man, Cain’s is pretty all lit up at night!

We both parted ways early Saturday morning, so it was a quick (not even) 24 hours. But man, we can pack some fun memories into a short time! Hopefully Liz can come up for Hanson Day and we can do it all over again!

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