Savor Seattle Food Tour

Savor Seattle Food Tour

Before we went to Seattle, we wanted something fun to do when we arrived. Yes, we wanted to sight see, but we wanted an experience. My coworker, Becca, and I both like good food, so we were drawn to the Savor Seattle Gourmet Food Tour. It was a GREAT decision.

There were 9 of us all together, plus our lovely tour guide and we hit 6 spots for 11 yummy bites and drinks.  We went in April 2018, and I’ve heard the offerings can change at any time, so if you go, you may not get the exact things, but it will be good! These people KNOW food.

At most spots, the manager came over to talk to us about locally sourced items, the process, the chef, and sustainability.  So much of what we ate was locally grown or harvested, including the wine and beer.

Our first stop was Orfeo, where we had a GREAT lamb bolognese (they usually do beef, I think, but it was lamb for restaurant week specials) over a WONDERFUL crispy, cheese polenta cake. Then we also got a Washington sparkling rose.

Next up was Serious Pie, and it was AMAZING.  Traditional mozzarella and a truffle mushroom. Both were GREAT. 

Steelhead Diner was our next stop for a Washington white wine and razor clam chowder. I was thankful for this stop because I didn’t know if I liked clam chowder, so I wouldn’t have paid to order it….but trying it was great. And this was FABULOUS.  (We came back here later in the week to sample their crab and shrimp tator tots and desserts.  The tots were ok – not as great as everyone said- we think our local food truck’s stuffed tots were better….but dessert was SO GOOD).

Then we sampled some Thai food at Noi Thai.  This area has a ton of Asian influence, and this was a great treat. Some honey chicken and a mango cocktail.

Next up was Von’s 1000 Spirits (which we came back to later in the week, as well) for homemade sourdough pasta with salmon and a local beer. This pasta was TO DIE FOR and Becca and I returned later just to eat pasta again.


Last up was Fran’s Chocolates. They were the official chocolate of the Obama administration, and it’s easy to see why. They were amazing. The caramels were buttery and smooth and the best bite.  I brought some home for everyone.

I highly recommend this tour if you’re in Seattle (or one of their other tours – I’m sure they are just as great!).

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