Savoring Summer

Savoring Summer

Everyone may be going back to school, but it’s still a million degrees out, so we are holding on to all the summer we can get!

We have enjoyed lake and pool time, and a new favorite thing is going down to my mom’s neighbor’s dock to feed the fish. They have so many little perch, but also HUGE catfish. We love throwing them fish food and bread.

Our family came up for a pool party, and Remi made sure we were all outfitted with sunglasses and “sun scream.” She’s swimming AMAZINGLY and loved being in the pool with her cousins.

Cousin Gavin stayed at Mimi’s one week, and we went to the lake to play. We were going to ride the jet ski, but the battery was dead, so we just had a lake swim. Remi enjoyed picking up shells (mussel shells) from the lake.

Jumping off the paddleboard is also her fave thing!

Here’s to a long summer!

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